La Fontaine 18"x24" Fine Art Poster

La Fontaine 18"x24" Fine Art Poster

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Imagine yourself back in the 18th century collecting your daily water from the village fountain. This is a potable village fountain in Serdon, France, which is located in the high Provence region. Every village has a fountain that is centrally located. It was where the villagers would come to socialize and I imagine it was also a place where the village gossip happened. Today, you will see hikers and bikers coming to the fountains to refill their water bottles, and enjoying the fresh water from the source. Bring this beautiful fountain into your home and dream.

 Key Features

  • Print Size: 18x24 inches

  • Matte finish

  • Museum-grade 175 gsm fine art archival paper

  • Pigmented archival inks, which will not fade when exposed to lig